Scouting Through the Levels

We have kept contact with our members throughout lockdown, with online meetings replacing physical ones. We joined in #StandAtDawn, and even took part in the specially run international Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI). Scouts NZ has opened access to the Scouting At Home programme to all.

The Scouting movement has seen a number of difficult worldwide events over its history, and has never lost its focus on youth, helping them and their community to get through. We look forward to when we can all see each other in person again.

Western Bays Sea Scouts

Welcome to our website!  This site is where you can see the activities and adventures we go on, as well as find general information and useful links.

We welcome a wide range of ages to join in the fun. Regular meetings occur during school terms, with the exception of public holidays. Cubs and Keas usually have a night off after a camping weekend as well.

Those aged over 18 can also get involved. All sections welcome new Leaders, who are vetted and provided with training. We also have non-uniformed help on our Group Committee, where parents and friends ensure the Group has the resources and skill base it needs. Parental involvement is welcome and often encouraged for activities, working bees and fundraising events. Parents of Keas often accompany their children on activities, and at least one caregiver is required to stay with their Kea at sleepover events.

Winter Sailing 1